I make a lot of prototypes of web and mobile apps. Occasionally I publish a how-to or widget. I try new tools all the time - here is a big fat prototyping tools list.

Axure bucket

Offline Axure prototypes

I wanted to demo Axure prototypes for iPad, full-screen and offline. Here's how.

Grey Wireframe Widget library for Axure

Give your Axure deliverables a presentation boost

Prototypes for mobile (video)

A quick video exploration of some new Axure mobile features. Axure 6.5

Prototyping in HTML

Prototyping in HTML part 4 - adding interactivity (coming soon)

Page states, show/hide, and basic form validation.

Prototyping in HTML part 3 (coming soon)

Putting together a useful page layout in Bootstrap.

Prototyping in HTML part 2

Making interactive site prototypes with includes and page states

Prototyping in Code part 1

Taking a look a personal biased look at the CSS framework landscape.