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Updated September 4th 2013

Web carbon fundamentals

Internet footprint today: 830 MT : Science Daily report

Internet footprint 2020: 14 GT : The Climate Group, SMART2020

The Web is 40% of internet traffic : Sandvine Global Trends

Data transmission takes 13 kWH per GB : Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report

It takes 1.2lb CO2e to make a kWH : EPA carbon calculator (USA average figures)

Viewing a web page may user 20-300 mg CO2 : Tech news world, Harvard Prof sets the Record straight on Internet Carbon

The web's data bloat

The average webpage is 1.4 MB: HTTP Archive Interesting facts

Web page is 15x bigger than 10 years ago: Web Optimization page size

Mobile data (3g, 4g) generates 77lb per GB: IEEE "Green communications by demand shaping and user-in-the-loop tariff-based control"

HTTP requests also cost energy: Mightybytes HTTP article

Other web carbon stats

1 tweet = 0.02g CO2e. 500m tweets/day = 10 tons. 3,650 t/ year. : Treehugger Twitter


How Green is your website? Ecograder


Use Green hosting: supplier list

Join a Corporate Carbon scheme: Climate Declaration


The internet will save us 8 Billion Tons of CO2e by 2020 : SMART 2020

Comparing Web carbon to other carbon

Aviation's 675 MT footprint

Web vs newspaper case study: Guardian "Digital Carbon Footprint". 1/3 of the Guardian's footprint is from digital.

Articles on green web

Save the planet through sustainable web design : .NET article

Data Centers Are Becoming Big Polluters, Study Finds : NY Times

University and other academically

Sympact (Uni of Bristol) Exploring the environmental impact of digital transformation


What's the carbon footprint of a Tweet?

Other collections

Sustainable Virtual Design : Pete Markiewicz's site has a wealth of articles and facts and is regularly updated.

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