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Optimizing the user experience

A talk I gave at UXPA Boston (2014).

What's the carbon footprint of being a designer?

Designing is energy intensive. Can I reduce my footprint? (spoilers: yes)

July 30 2013

Social sharing buttons are filthy

How much bloat do those social share buttons add to the page? A ton, that's how much.

The web's carbon footprint in facts and figures

A collection of links to articles detailing web carbon studies and facts.

App doodle: Ethical Product Picker

I want one of these - wave your smart phone at the supermarket shelf to get ethical and social shopping recommendations. Old post, someone must have made this app by now.

Offline Axure prototypes

Axure-users only. Make Axure prototypes for iOS, full-screen and offline. Appcahce.manifest is the secret sauce. Another old post - there's probably an easier way by now.

Prototyping in HTML (2/2)

Making interactive site prototypes with includes and page states

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