My personal and unscientific ranking of gluten-free beers I've tried:

  1. Glutenberg Red (the brown can)
  2. Glutenberg blond
  3. Pint drafts at Deschutes, Portland OR
  4. Glutenberg American Pale (the red can)
  5. Omission Pale
  6. Celia (UK Only)
  7. Omission IPA
  8. Estrella Damm
  9. Foxtail
  10. Omission Lager
  11. Any of the Greens line (unfair low ranking, but I can't remember which I like but there are definitely 1 or 2 I dislike)
  12. St Peters. Definitely an acquired taste and I haven't acquired it. Rarely seen in the US.
  13. Redbridge (emergency use only)

A GF beer to-do list.

Hail to the king(s)

Glutenberg - king of GF beer